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Vietnam, a one-party Communist state, has one of south-east Asia's fastest-growing economies and has set its sights on becoming a developed nation by 2020.

It became a unified country once more in 1975 when the armed forces of the Communist north seized the south.

This followed three decades of bitter wars, in which the Communists fought first against the colonial power France, then against South Vietnam and its US backers. In its latter stages, the conflict held the attention of the world.

The US joined the hostilities in order to stem the "domino effect" of successive countries falling to Communism.

The war produced heavy casualties on both sides, atrocities against civilians, and the indiscriminate destruction and contamination of much of the landscape.

A visit to Vietnam by US President Bill Clinton in November 2000 was presented as the culmination of American efforts to normalise relations with the former enemy.

Vietnam struggled to find its feet after unification and tried at first to organise the agricultural economy along strict collectivist lines.

But elements of market forces and private enterprise were introduced from the late 1980s and a stock exchange opened in 2000.

Foreign investment has grown and the US is Vietnam's main trading partner. In the cities, the consumer market is fuelled by the appetite of a young, middle class for electronic and luxury goods. After 12 years of negotiations the country joined the World Trade Organization in January 2007.

But the disparity in wealth between urban and rural Vietnam is wide and some Communist Party leaders worry that too much economic liberalisation will weaken their power base.

Despite pursuing economic reform, the ruling Communist Party shows little willingness to give up its monopoly on political power.

Vietnam actively suppresses political dissent and religious freedom. Rights groups have singled out Hanoi's treatment of ethnic minority hill tribe people, collectively known as Montagnards.

The human rights advocacy group Amnesty International says in a 2011 report that ''more than a dozen activists were convicted in faulty trials simply because they had peacefully voiced criticism of government policies''. A new wave of subversion trials began in 2013.


Vietnam is advancing rapidly in manufacturing, information technology and oil production. However, millions of Vietnamese still depend on agriculture


Head of State : President Truong Tan Sang

Head of Government : Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung

Capital : Ha Noi

Language : Vietnamese

Currency : Dong

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Viet Nam Website:

Source : ASEAN Official Website / BBC


[Fakta Unik] Selain Direbus, Hidangan Tikus Panggang Juga Popular Di Vietnam

HANOI – Sebuah restoran di ibu kota Vietnam di sini menawarkan hidangan istimewa tikus panggang yang dicucuk pada kayu seperti kebab. Daging haiwan perosak itu dianggap makanan istimewa di selatan Vietnam dengan semakin ramai penduduk Vietnam menggemarinya. Menurut seorang pemburu tikus, haiwan itu banyak terdapat di sekitar Delta Merah dan di tebing Sungai Mekong terutamanya ketika musim ...

Vietnam sepakat membebaskan 65% pajak impor terhadap ekspor Uni Eropa.

Vietnam dan Uni Eropa sepakati perdagangan bebas

    Uni Eropa dan Vietnam mencapai kesepakatan perdagangan bebas yang akan mencabut hampir semua tarif pada barang-barang yang diperdagangkan antara mereka. Ini adalah persetujuan kedua antara Uni Eropa dengan negara Asia Tenggara. Nilai perdagangan diantara keduanya adalah sebesar €28 miliar atau US$30 miliar. Negara Komunis Vietnam mengekspor barang senilai €22 miliar ke Uni Eropa pada tahun 2014, termasuk produk ...

Kapal Tiongkok menyerang kapal ikan Vietnam 
di kawasan laut termasuk kedaulatan Vietnam

Asosiasi Perikanan Vietnam memprotes Tiongkok yang merusak kapal ikan Vietnam

Asosiasi Perikanan Vietnam baru saja mengirimkan naskah kepada Kantor Pemerintah, Kementerian Pertanian dan Pengembangan Pedesaan Vietnam, Kementerian Luar Negeri dan Departemen Hubungan Luar Negeri Komite Sentral Partai Komunis Vietnam yang isinya memprotes tindakan Tiongkok yang merintangi pertolongan bagi nelayan dan menyerang kapal ikan Vietnam.


Seputar Pengertian Prinsip Dan Tujuan ASEAN

Pertumbuhan ekonomi, perkembangan social budaya, serta perdamaian dan stabilitas dikawasan dalam wadah ASEAN. Berdasarkan Hal tersebut maka dibentuklah Perhimpunan Bangsa-bangsa Asia Tenggara (Perbara) atau Dengan Kata lain Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) yang merupakan sebuah organisasi geopolitik dan ekonomi dari negara-negara di kawasan Asia Tenggara.


Pengertian Dan Karakteristik Masyarakat Ekonomi ASEAN (MEA)

MEA adalah bentuk integrasi ekonomi ASEAN dalam artian adanya system perdagaangan bebas antara Negara-negara asean. Indonesia dan sembilan negara anggota ASEAN lainnya telah menyepakati perjanjian Masyarakat Ekonomi ASEAN (MEA) atau ASEAN Economic Community (AEC).

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