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About Us

DurianASEAN is an online radio station for discussion of current news and issues around the Association of South-east Asian Nations (ASEAN), specifically those that touch on politics, business and social issues and how it impacts on the daily lives of its constituency in South-east Asia.

ASEAN gets a lot of mention in the media, news coverage of it is heavily focused on following its summits, annual meetings and high-profile events. This causes majority of the citizens in ASEAN countries have perceptions that ASEAN is not related to them. Most of the citizens in ASEAN countries did not know what’s happening in neighbour ASEAN countries.

DurianASEAN features latest and most influential news in ASEAN countries. We create and encourage more space for reporting and analyses of development-related issues within ASEAN. We offer listeners a mix of voices and views around current issues and trends related to ASEAN. Knowing all the information about ASEAN gives the citizens a sense of belongings to ASEAN community. We will also develop more stories of ASEAN that are “bread and butter issues linked to our everyday lives” .This will enhance understanding of listeners towards ASEAN countries and also promotes business development in ASEAN.

Moreover, we serve as a one stop hub for listeners to gain information’s about ASEAN countries. Many foreign countries such as New Zealand and Australia have trading relationship. Therefore, the investors or businessman would be able to know the political, economy and social condition of ASEAN countries through DurianASEAN.


Brief Reflection From Our Intern - Asmod Karki


DurianASEAN Team & Asmod Karki (Right 1)


I started interning at DurianAsean beginning early June. I've had tons of fun and learnt a lot during my two months here. Be they hosting the shows, doing background research or just giving presentations, I've enjoyed every bit of my experience. It would not have all been possible without the wonderful team I got the chance to work with. Not only were they patient with me on the work setting, they made sure that I make the most of my stay here. We tried local dishes during lunches and attended various events, which gave me the chance to experience the diverse settings in the city. From the conference on Burmese politics to a traditional performance, the team always ventured out for something different. What stands out the most about this place is the passion and belief that the staffs have in the work they do. It was tremendously encouraging to see and experience that there are people who go extra miles because they are passionate about what they do. We accomplished a lot as a team, still the work setting was very much relaxed, unlike the fast pace life back in university. Thanks a lot for hosting me and giving me a chance to be a part of the DurianAsean family!


Brief Reflection From Our Intern - Fadzli Md Khir


DurianASEAN Team & Fadzli (Middle)


I started with DurianAsean in August. Being from a media background, I was put under the tutelage of Koh Tzi Yang, who taught me the finer points of videography, sound recording, lighting, colour-grading and so forth. But best of all, I was able to learn how to utilise the green screen and blue screen techniques in video editing.

During my brief stay, I was given the responsibility of handling the video side of the radio station, from recording and editing to uploading the videos onto DurianAsean’s YouTube channel. Of course, there’s also the people.

There’s Tzi Yang who was effectively my sifu during my time here from day one. We’d talk about everything from movies, cameras, videography and editing and other stuff. There’s Grace who taught me loads about music and Korean culture and history, and the hilarious moments where we’d accidently trip each other up due to some miscommunication (traditional medicine, Grace. Traditional medicine). Arlene and the sparkle in her eyes whenever she talks about politics, ASEAN and so on. And of course, there’s Gowri, with whom I’d trade Big Bang Theory jokes land references and threaten with spoilers just about every other day.

It’s been a great learning experience, and I’ll always treasure my time with DurianAsean.


Internship Experience at DurianASEAN - Grace Cho


DurianASEAN Team & Grace Cho (Left 2)


As a foreign student in Malaysia, this served as a great opportunity for me to update and equip myself with various news from the ASEAN region. I also got to engage in many other areas such the socio-cultural, environment and business aspects of ASEAN. Coming from a non-political education background, frankly, I was concerned and uncertain about where to begin and how to start learning, but the staffs at DurianASEAN guided meevery step of the way. The working environment at this company was definitely out of my expectations - a cosy studio, friendly & easy-going staffs and the coffee culture! I expected a pretty serious working environment and hierarchic structure in this company because of their choice of heavy topic discussions, but it turns out that DurianASEAN can win Google! My internship period at DurianASEAN is definitely a memorable and unique experience and I am looking forward to working at this company in near future.

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