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Nor Arlene Tan is the Executive Producer & Host at, an online radio that focuses on political, economic and socio-cultural aspects of Southeast Asia. Under her leadership, DurianASEAN has covered high profile ASEAN events such as the 26th ASEAN Summit, ASEAN Peoples' Forum, ASEAN Business Summit, and many more. She has also interviewed many regional and global leaders.

Having an education background in International Relations, she writes extensively on ASEAN,
international affairs, human rights and public policy on various platforms. She was a researcher at the Centre For Public Policy Studies (CPPS) and was involved in public policy research on Malaysia and ASEAN.

She was part of the drafting team for the Yangon Declaration 2014, which happened at the ASEAN Youth Forum in Myanmar.She was also selected to interview Former Secretary of State, Ms Hillary Clinton during her visit to Malaysia in 2010; and attended President Obama's Town Hall Meeting with ASEAN Youth in 2014.

Coming from a rojak background, she thinks the world would be a richer place when we fuss less about race but more about culture.

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