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Gowri 2_2


Gowri is the Content Editor & Host at, while also pursuing her masters degree in Performing Arts (Theater) at the University Malaya.

Apart from her Bachelor’s degree in Theater Acting & Directing from USM, she has also spent a month abroad in Shanghai, studying the traditional Chinese Opera and six months in Solo, Indonesia, studying Pedalangan (wayang kulit).

Over the years, she has worked in various theater productions with many local talents such as Patrick Teoh, Colin Kirton, Lex Lakshman, Mark Beau de Silva and also Joe Hasham.

Gowri is also an avid dancer trained in belly dance, broadway, burlesque and salsa; and she conducts acting and dance workshops whenever required. She has also worked and attended performance workshops conducted by the renowned Aida Redza; and trained in Broadway performance under Michael Parks Masterson, a sought-after Broadway performer, a director and choreographer.

Gowri needs her black coffee and AC/DC in the mornings. And oh, don’t let her demure facade fool you, she’s the in-house football expert!

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