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Nama Asal Johor Bahru       Qarun: Manusia Pertama Yang Menayangkan Harta Secara “Live”       Benarkah Ekuinoks Menyebabkan Suhu Melampau?       Wahid Satay Takut Jadi Badang       Antara Kesaksamaan (Equality) Dan Keadilan (Fairness)      


  1. What is 'DurianASEAN' about?

DurianASEAN is an online radio station set up to provide a platform to discuss the political, economic and socio-cultural pillars of Southeast Asia.

Our daily breakfast show, the ASEAN Breakfast Call runs live from Mondays - Fridays, 0800-1000 at


  1. Where can I check the program schedule of this radio station?

The program schedule is available on our website, all you have to do is click on "Program" right below the "Listen Live" icon


  1. How do I tune into DurianASEAN?

You can listen to us straight from the website,, or

You can download the TuneIn app and seach for DurianAsean

The DurianASEAN app will be available for download very soon


  1. Where do I search for podcasts and videos?

You can look for it under "Podcasts" on the website


  1. Can I download the podcasts?

At the moment, our podcasts cannot be downloaded, but they are readily available on our YouTube channel;


  1. I would like to arrange for an interview with DurianASEAN, where do I submit my request?

You can drop us an email at with the subject "Request for Interview" and follow up with a call at 03-78874031


  1. Where is the base of DurianASEAN and is it broadcasted in S.E.A only?

DurianASEAN is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and you can stream it from any part of the world as long as you have internet connection


  1. There is an error on the website and I can't seem to open it, who do I contact?

Do give us a call at 03-78874031, or reach out to us on Facebook or Twitter


  1. What is DurianASEAN's playlist?

A mix of Indie music, oldies, Top 40s & classic rock. You are welcome to provide suggestions via Facebook and Twitter


  1. What are the benefits of subscribing to DurianASEAN Newsletter?

You will be kept in the loop and be the first to know whenever we release a new video or when there's an exclusive guest coming in for an interview

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